About Us


Fire safety information saves lives. It's as simple as that. Whether it's in your own home or in your place of employment, education and clear markings of important fire hazards and safety equipment can prevent injuries and save structures as long as people are well aware of everything they need to know. Depending upon the environment where you are living or working will dictated how much communication is needed. Larger buildings including tall apartment buildings especially in garments & textile industries require more complexity and greater clarity of fire management system. In order to keep everyone safe in the event of an emergency, Fire Trade provides best head to toe solution.

History of Fire Trade

However we are pleased to introduced ourselves as Fire Trade a big firm for Security, Fire Safety, Fire Detection, CCTV & Fire Protection and all kind of Fire Safety Equipment’s and making solutions to the various Government, Semi-Government, Banking Sector & Multinational Organization.

Our Networks

We have an excellent network and team to contact us for any kind of needed related service of your queries.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide the best solution to make and feel life easier & safe. Our company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity.

We Follow

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